Fluke, the world-renowned industrial tool and software provider, has announced the launch of the SMFT-1000 Solar PV Multifunction Tester, the latest addition to their extensive line of solar tools.

A Complete Solution

The SMFT-1000 streamlines PV installation, commissioning and maintenance, helping PV professionals reduce installation time by up to 20% and documentation time by up to 50%. The introduction of a 1kV I-V Curve tracing capability allows users to service larger PV systems, within IEC compliance Category 1 and 2 Test Regime measurement capabilities.

The Fluke SMFT-1000 PV Multifunction Tester features a user-friendly interface that provides immediate access to the tool dashboard and on-screen automated data analysis, allowing you ensure PV systems operating at 1000V DC or under are reaching their optimal power output and running safely.

The SMFT-1000 was also designed with Fluke TruTest® Solar Software integration, which formulates data measured by the SMFT-1000 into IEC formatted reports, enabling technicians to create project, site and client categories to quickly access data and complete tasks with minimal training.

Streamlining Workflows

“The solar industry is booming, and new PV installations are being installed around the world to keep pace with society’s insatiable demand for renewable forms of electricity” states Hans-Dieter Schuessele, Application & Technology Expert at Fluke. “Solar professionals tasked with installing, commissioning, and maintaining this new infrastructure require fast, accurate and safe tools to ensure solar systems to operate at high efficiency with minimal or no downtime.”

“The market has been crying out for a versatile and accurate multifunction tester. The SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV tester, Performance Analyser and I-V Curve Tracer from Fluke is a rigorously tested and highly capable all-in-one tool with advance safety and functionality features. Armed with a suite of unique auto-diagnostic functions, solar professionals can now safely and accurately test the quality of PV systems while streamlining workflows faster than ever before.”

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